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Альбомы - Yuri888 - Paintings, Моя Живопись
Альбомы пользователя
       Paintings, Моя Живопись


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Yuri888 онлайн Yuri888  
Об авторе: Grebenyuk Yuriy Mikhailovich Artist-painter, graphic artist. Participant of many Republican and international exhibitions. Tashkent - the exhibition in the Central Exhibition Hall of Uzbekistan from the end of 80-ies in 2007. 1993. - Personal exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan. 1991. - The international exhibition in Kharkov. 1992. - The international exhibition in Saint-Petersburg. 1994. - Exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art of Uzbekistan. 1995. - The international exhibition in Switzerland. 2006. - Exhibition in the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan. 2007. - The exhibition in the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. From 1991 up to the present time cooperates with the leading galleries of Uzbekistan, Russia. 2008g.-2014 exhibition in Uzbekistan and Russia. 2013. - Personal exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art, Moscow. 2013. - Personal exhibition - Uzbekistan Friendship Society of Uzbekistan, Latvia. 2014. - Personal exhibition - Company - \"Uzbekistan Airways-Yullari.\" 2014. - Exhibition in Tashkent Palace Hotel (September). 2014. - Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery \"Tatiana Day\" Bratislava. 2014. - Personal exhibition in the International Gallery \"Caravanserai\" culture (MKSK) Ikuo Hirayama of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Upcoming Exhibitions in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) from 21 October 2014. - Personal exhibition at the International Cultural Center, \"Caravanserai\" at the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. November 2014. - Exhibition Hall of the Conservatory of Uzbekistan dedicated International Piano Competition. Planned exhibitions for 2015 in Frankfurt (Germany), Paris (France), Tel Aviv (Israel), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Russia. Paintings of the artist are in private collections in USA, England, Japan, India, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Serbia, Austria, and others. Paintings are in private collections of the daughter of the head of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova. In his paintings the artist gives the song a strong dynamism, which intensifies the wide, wide, multi-layered manner of writing. In the paintings attracts internal tense expression, confidence and temperament, a dynamic and complex relationship of color stains. In the pictures there is a sense of this, a living. From painting to the viewer is positive energy leaving unforgettable impressions.

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